User Experience Training

During my time with Deutsche Bank, I created a User Experience training package with the aim of leveraging the skills of Product Management colleagues in global locations.

Project background

Deutsche Bank’s Transaction Banking applications are used in multiple locations including Central and Eastern Europe, the UK, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand and Macau, North America,
Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

Such a global presence presented many issues, not least the logistical aspects of conducting such a broad research programme of work. As such, a user experience training programme was created and delivered to broaden the reach of the user experience team.

Given the global nature of the research, it quickly became apparent that more assistance was needed. The first choice was therefore to utilise GTB’s widely dispersed Product Managers in eliciting feedback from remote locations.
To facilitate this effort, I created a training package for Product Managers.

The “course” consisted of 3 parts. The first included collecting client data through un-biased interviews. The second part focused upon
interpreting and analysing the resulting information. Finally, the last part of the training regarded collating this into meaningful outputs
such as personas, task flows and design ideas.


Each component part of the training was delivered in various formats, depending on the context. I utilised video conferring and Webex, combined with pre-recorded presentation format videos. Wherever possible, I also conducted onsite and in-person training.