Zoe Lynam

Zoe Lynam

Chris has made my third time back at Deutsche Bank the best. As the head of the Global Transaction Banking UX team, he’s a refreshing people manager, leader and trusted colleague.

Chris is a very talented designer who has firm high level vision and also gets down with the detail. Chris is also without doubt the most useful, skilled and insightful user researcher I’ve ever met. What makes Chris outstanding above all else is his kindness. This is reflected in day-to-day corporate practice with his training of product owners, BA’s, interns and the wider business in the ways of UX methodologies. Chris always hits the nail on the head when running a workshop and when producing a training video.

Every interaction I’ve had with Chris has been fun, professional and a pure delight. Chris is a joy to be around in the office each day and I’m glad to work with him.

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