Usability Review

Usability Review is a UX service package that provides actionable insight by means of an heuristic evaluation of your website or application. The output of each evaluation is a prioritised list of actionable fixes and proposals for improvements to your design.

Your input

  1. Access to your website (logins to production environments etc as necessary)
  2. Areas of focus that you may have already agreed upon as a team
  3. Background information about your user personas, market segments or intended audience.

My output

At the end of the project, I provide you with a detailed expert usability review report including:

  1. A prioritised list of actionable improvements
  2. Best practise guidance on how to maintain a usable website
  3. Proposals for further areas of investigation through remote user testing or a more detailed in-person usability evaluation.

How long does an expert usability review take?

Each expert usability review report typically takes up to 10 working days to complete from the agreed project start date.

Dependant upon my availability or should your team require actionable insights more rapidly, I’m happy to provide verbal guidance via phone or skype directly to development teams.

How much does an expert usability review cost?

Each expert usability review project starts from $500 (excluding taxes).

Should you wish also wish to receive interaction design guidance in the form of wireframes or an interactive prototype then you may want to consider my advanced Design Focus package.

The business stuff

To keep things simple, 100% payment is be required before any work takes place.