Remote User Testing

Remote user testing provides a rapid but detailed usability evaluation of your website or application. It’s often much easier, faster and cheaper than traditional in-person testing meaning that you can get results and actionable insights far more quickly.

Typically, the output of each remote user test session is a prioritised list of actionable fixes and proposals for improvements to your design.

How does a remote user test work?

Using one of our preferred online user testing tools, I work with you to create a study, define the tasks to be tested, run the sessions and then provide feedback.

I can also work with you to help decide how many participants, market segments or personas you’ll need depending upon how much detail in the feedback you would like.

No personas or market segments currently defined? Not to worry, I can help you with that too, just indicate this in your message.

Afterwards, you’ll receive…

  • A prioritised list of actionable improvements
  • Full video recording of each remote test session
  • Best practise guidance on how to maintain a usable website
  • Proposals for further areas of investigation through usability testing.

How long does this all take?

Each round of remote user testing can take anywhere between 1 or 2 weeks from the agreed project start date. This time can be decreased if you

How much does remote user testing cost?

A simple remote user test starts from £750 (excluding VAT). This includes all software setup and recruitment fees.

Should you wish also wish to receive design guidance, you may want to consider an additional Design Focus package.

Contact me for more details

If you’d like to contact me about setting up a remote user test for you, or if you would like me to assist in your ongoing remote usability projects then drop me a line using the form below.

The business stuff

To keep things simple, a deposit payment of 50% will be required before any work takes place.

The date of payment receipt will become the start date of the project.

On project completion, the remaining 50% shall be paid at which point all original assets and documentation shall be handed over to you.